Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Smoke Evacuator Hose, Stand and Wand Pictured above: Obedient hose stand shown holding filter pack and wand.

No smoke evacuator system is complete without accessories.

Geiger sells several accessories for its evacuators. Many of these work well with most other evacuators on the market.

Obedient Hose Stand

The Obedient Hose Stand is an option that can be used to hold the hose at the surgical site, eliminating the need for an assistant to perform this task. It has a 10″ wide base and can extend to a height of 79″.

Aluminum Wand

An anodized Aluminum Wand fits into the end of the hose and acts as a rigid “handpiece”. The wand can be cleaned, sterilized and re-used virtually indefinitely. It is 8.5″ long and approximately ¾″ in diameter.

Foot Switch

Geiger also offers an optional on/off foot switch for your convenience.

Item # Description
SA-H1 Obedient Hose Stand
WAND Aluminum Wand
FS1 Optional On/Off Foot Switch

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