TCU Comparison Charts

TCU vs. Electrosurgical Units

TCUElectrosurgical Units
Method of operationHeatHigh frequency current
Grounding requiredNoYes
Functions on bone, nail & cartilageYesNo
Use in wet fieldYesNot ideal
Use with pacemaker and ICDYesNo
Potential for channeling of currentNoYes
Electrical interference with other electrical devices in roomNoYes
Cost$675.00$900.00 plus

TCU vs. Battery Operated Cauteries

TCUBattery Cauteries
Power sourceElectrical outlet2 AA batteries
Output current10+ ampsMinimal
Temperature rangeVariableFixed
Temperature stabilityConstantDrops rapidly
Heating filament diameter0.020.01
Disposable / reusableReusableDisposable
Sterile / non-sterilePackaged non-sterile (handpiece/electrode autoclavable)Packaged sterile (for single use)
Units required per procedure11+
WasteNoneComplete unit (with batteries) disposed of after each procedure